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Please note that the following may apply to this offer:

1. All offers are usually EX Works (EXW) origin, as per Incoterms 2010.

2. Freight, transport, and insurance are not normally included. However, price indications for this service can be made upon request.

3. Class 1 explosives are expensive to move and transport.  Buyers should consider maximizing the volume of procurement to make use of the available transport capacity.  Maximum utilization of charter aircraft/truck/ship load capacity amortizes the freight cost, per unit, very effectively.

4. Potential buyers must understand that procurement of small amounts of material are not cost efficient — and may be declined by CBRNergetics Group.  Usual minimum limits are as follows:

a. Plastic explosive charges – 1 metric ton

b. TNT – 2,000 charges

c. Sheet explosive – 500 sheets

d. Demolition charges – 200 units

e. Detonating cord – 5,000 meters

f. Safety fuse – 10,000 meters

g. Igniters, percussion – 200 units

h. Igniters, electric – 500 units

i. Battle simulators (artillery & mortar) – 100 units

j. Battle simulators (thunder flash, rifle, machine gun) – 1,000 units

5. Delivery & Timeframe:  From point of order (which must be accompanied by appropriate End User Undertaking documents) to readiness to ship, is typically 26 weeks; but is still subject to order volume and complexity.  No shipment date can be offered until required export license(s) are in place.

6. Payment Terms:  Either in full with order or by agreed stages.  Letters of Credit (LC) may be acceptable.  However, buyers need to look at our terms of acceptance of LC’s to understand the limits that we place upon this payment instrument.

7. Contract/Offer Validity:  The dates provide a reasonable estimate of the period for which we will maintain our prices.  Extensions of validity may be agreed, but are subject to specific circumstances.


BANK: Prime UK Bank

TERMS: Confirmed Letter of Credit (LC), payable immediately at sight in the UK upon presentation of documents, as listed below. Valid for period of delivery plus 90 days.

DOCUMENTS: Commercial Invoice

Packing List

Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt

CHARGES: All charges, including confirmation, amendments, and fees for the BUYER.

PAYMENT: Net to our account without deduction.

TERMS: All demolition stores are normally offered either EX Works (EXW) or FOB origin. All

general goods are EX Works (EXW) from the CBRNergetics Ltd. warehouse.


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Complete product specifications are available upon request.

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