Welcome to CBRNergetics Ltd - How We Work

How We Work

CBRNergetics Ltd. is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to defense and police customers worldwide.  We achieve this by striving for excellence in supply chain management and producing end-to-end solutions.  We believe our working relationships matter:  through effective communication with stakeholders, we enable highly successful outcomes for all involved.

Our Principles

We provide high quality customer service and products precisely designed to meet unique customer requirements.   We adhere to the following business principles:

  • Timely and informative responses to customer inquiries
  • Work closely with customers and advise on unique kits 
  • Provide solutions to demanding requirements
  • Drive the entire chain of events from inquiry to delivery
  • Manage the entire export/import process 
  • Control our worldwide supply chains
  • Transparent and open business practices

Global Experience

We understand that doing business with different people around the world requires global experience and understanding.  Our ability to effectively conduct business in numerous countries, and with diverse organizations, is one of our great strengths.  Building strong and lasting business relationships is why our suppliers and customers choose to work with us repeatedly.  We are accustomed to delivering tailored contracts, with supply chains stretched around the world.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority — we will deliver on time, as per unique contract requirements. 

Business Ethics

We believe in ethical business practices and our business operations are transparent.  Since we operate in many countries, our company, employees, and consultants comply with numerous government regulations that focus on the import/export of military and dual-use equipment.