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We are an industry leading Demining equipment supplier.  We provide a wide range of equipment to meet the demands of EOD & Combat Engineer Forces engaged in Demining and Unexploded ordnance clearance.  Our Minefield Clearance Equipment, customized Minefield Marking Kits, and Metal Detectors will enable operators to identify hidden threats.  Demining PPE products, such as EOD Bomb Suits, Demining Aprons, Ballistic Helmets, and Demining Helmets with Visors, will keep them safe.

Minefield Markers & Warning Signs

We are an industry leading Demining equipment supplier. We provide military forces engaged in Minefield Clearance and UXO clearance with the highest quality Demining PPE products, IEDD products, and blast mitigation products. Our specialized minefield clearance equipment and bespoke Minefield Marking Kits enable operators to identify hidden threats.

Minefield Tape

Landmine & ER Clearance

Minefield Warning Signs

Minefield Marking Kit


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

We are premiere EOD backpack suppliers and can make custom designed Hook and Line Kits to suit specific operational requirements. Our unique PALADIN and BRIMSTONE branded packs provide Special Operators versatile IEDD products for C-IED and UXO clearance missions.


Dog Scent Kit

Energetic Trace Material Set

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