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Shaped Charges

We are a world leading military demolitions explosives supplier and manufacturer for shaped charges. We supply a diverse range of explosives, such as: Hayrick Charges, Bangalore Torpedo, Beehive Charges, Breach Cases, Rapid Crater Kits, Underwater Charges, and other Demolition Charges. We can custom prepare the demolitions, packaging, and logistic requirements to meet unique operational specifications.

Bangalore Torpedo 4x6ft Tubes

Bangalore Torpedo 8x1m Tubes

Beehive MK 6

Breach Case BC 25

Point Focal Disruptor Charge

Crater Charge NR51

Individual “Hayrick” Charge

Hayrick Necklace Set

NR50 11kg Shaped Charge

Charge Demolition Plastic Pack (Underwater)

Rapid Crater Kit MK.2


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